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World's Top 10 Mysterious Photos Ever Taken

By: Surya Mohan On: 20:01
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  • There are some Mysterious things and events have been captured, we bring those Top 10 Mysterious pictures ever, this images are mind blowing, and were very hard to explain, they just give a question mark.

    10. The Spook Light

    The spooklight is a strange recurring phenomenon taking place near the small town of Hornet, Missouri. It is described as a bright floating orb moving rapidly over a quiet road known by locals as the "DEVIL'S PROMENADE".

    Image source: Scaryforkids
    The U.S. Army corps of engineers are unsuccessful in investigation and the origins of the light remain a mystery to this day. To find this light, just drive 75 miles south of Little Rock and turn east onto Highway 67, this is the little town Gurdon, home of the mysterious "ghost lights".

    9. Congo Giant Snake

    Alleged encounter with a giant snake in Katanga 1959. it was taken by a passenger on a plane flown by Belgian Colonel and WWII hero Remy Van Lierde upon returning back to their Congo base from a mission.Van Lierde claims that as he flew lower for a closer inspection, the snake rose up approximately 10 feet, giving the impression it would have attacked the helicopter if it had been within striking range. This photo was actually taken from a height of 150 M (500 FT).Van lierde reported the snake to be about 15 meters long (50 FT).

    8. Cooper's Family Photo

    The Cooper family moving into their new house in Texas in early 1950s, where the first photo taken after dinner shows a man appearing to dangle from the ceiling, know as the "The Falling Body". This photo is widely debated as it unclear origins have made some suspect a hoax. Others noted that the shadow of the body is supposed to be cast on the wall, suggesting that the body did appear during the scene. Which would make the unbothered appearance of the family even more perplexing.

    7. Battle of Los Angeles

     Published on Feb. 1942 in the los angeles times on the day following a panic caused by an unknown object hovering over the city. This photo shows the phenomenon as it was assaulted by more than 1,400 shells from anti-aircraft guns without effect. The fact that the army struggled to offer an explanation before eventually claiming it to have been a weather balloon. Only helped to make this picture one of the most unexplainable and famous UFO photographs.

    6. Skunk Ape

    In 2000, the Sheriff's department of sarasota county in florida received a letter from a woman, along with two photographs showing a tall creature that she reported wandering in her backyard for several nights to take apples. The photo showed what she thought was an escaped orangutan, though it appeared to have quite distinct features from known apes.

    As other reports and photos of an unidentified bipedal ape were known in the area, the pictures soon became very popular.

    4. Falcon Lake Incident

    Stephen Michalak of Winnipeg, was prospecting near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, when he encountered two UFOs, one of which landed on a large, flat rock about 160 feet away from him. After having approached the object and looked inside, the object moved, and something like an exhaust vent was now in front of him.

    A blast of hot gas shot from these holes onto his chest, setting his shirt and undershirt on fire and causing him severe pain, and leaving burn marks in the shape of a grid.

    3. The Time Traveling Hipster

    Sep. 1941 Found in a series of authentic photos taken at the reopening ceremony of the South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, Canada. This picture recently became widely discussed as it seemingly shows a man looking out of place. Wearing sunglasses, what look like a hooded sweater over a printed T-shirt and holding a portable camera. The man was certainly showing an unusual fashion for the time. However, it is believed that such a style was possible in the 1940s.

    2. Hampton Court Palace Visitor

    During the winter of 2003, at the 16th century Hampton Court Palace near London, Security Guards heard for several days the alarm of a fire door opening in a hall. As they found the doors closed on each investigation, then they decided to check the CCTV footage of the area.
    The footage showed the heavy doors flying wide open, followed by a long-coated figure slamming them shut. The doors were also caught popping open at the same time on two other occassions, but nobody appeared on the pictures.

    2. Moon's Triangular Anomaly

    Originally revealed by a youtuber using google moon, there images have since baffled the experts and raised a lot of questions. photographed by NASA's clementine spacecraft near the region known as "mare moscoviense"
    The pictures show something unexplained on the surface of the moon, displaying rows of seven light-like dots along it's edge. And measuring approximately 150 X 30 Meters (500 FT X 420 FT).

    1. Geophone Rock anomaly

    AS17-136-20680 is the reference number of a photo taken by Apollo 17 near the Geophone Rock, during the last flight to the Moon and listed as a "blank" in the Apollo 17 photographic index.

    This photo certainly suffers from extreme light exposure and noise issues

    But it's in fact not completely blank, as adjusting the contrast reveals pyramid-like structures
    An ironic discovery considering the ancient ruins of Stonehenge depicted on the mission badge.

    you can watch a YouTube video of more Mysterious pictures here:

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